We put the wellbeing of individuals at the heart of our work

At Piaval, to "care" means promoting health by designing innovative chairs and armchairs that satisfy any specific need of hospitals, residential homes, hospitality houses and home care. Every product takes form with the aim of improving the quality of life of those who will use it, guaranteeing the best performance standards in terms of comfort, hygiene, durability, wear-resistance and safe movement.


Seating with a high level of comfort


Many models obtained Ergocert Class A and Ergocert Class A+, a result that pays dividends to our professional and ethical efforts.


The comfort index has been validated on samples of users with different personal characteristics, weights and sizes, using a patented methodology that reveals the distribution of pressure using barometric sensors.


Piaval models meet all assessment criteria in relation to accessibility of controls, ease of operating the mechanisms, comprehensibility of use, satisfaction in using the product. The usage assessments refer both to the direct end user and the worker.


Innovation and well-being


Maximum ease of cleaning: removable cushions and headrests, specific waterproof protection for seats, full detachable seats to allow the structure underneath to be cleaned fully.


Sanitized guaranteed to ensure their breathability, comfort and prevention of bad smells. Resistant to bacteria, to abrasions up to 300,000 Martindale cycles and undergoing anti-stain treatments.


On request the structure can be fully treated with antibacterial coatings.


Secure grip, non-slip and anti-tipping features, accessories with rounded corners guarantee maximum stability with every position.


Mechanical and electrical intuitive devices control the movement of the back, seat and footrest.


A vast range of accessories facilitates the users' daily lives.


The frames, the seat and the back are tested up to 200,000 stress cycles.


Piaval design make any H&C space pleasant.

Colour channels positive energy, wood gives a warm feel and adds aesthetic appeal.

In every aspect of its business, Piaval expresses a strong commitment to the environment and sustainable development. The resulting scraps of wood are used as fuel to produce 100% of our heating. The photovoltaic system on the roof of our production facility provides clean energy and guarantees the reduction of CO2 emission. Our products are made using environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes. Take, for example, the painting cycle: since 2007 we have been using exclusively water-based products or coatings selected for being strictly free from Phthalates and azodyes.


we thrive on putting ourselves to the test
Piaval has long collaborated with CATAS, the largest and most important Italian institute for the certification, research and testing within the wood and furniture industry, a centre of excellence in Italy and around the world.
Seats and backs, both vertical and inclined, are subjected to 200,000 cycles to test their resistance to stress and wear; the load tests “on the seat“ are calculated for use by people weighing up to 120 kg for standard seats and 350 kg for bariatric seats.

In 2010, Piaval obtained the FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL® certification, international organisation which promotes the management of wood around the world, in an environmentally conscious and economically responsible manner. On request, the products can be certified and manufactured using wood obtained only from protected and controlled forest areas.

Piaval models obtained Ergocert Class A and Ergocert Class A+, a result that pays dividends to our professional and ethical efforts.