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Health and Care
Sanitizable and eco-friendly: 2 new high-performance coverings available.

All Piaval seats have always been designed by paying utmost attention to the well-being and health of their users.

Today, the Covid-19 emergency and health standards in general require safe products that can be easily sanitized whatever the location. Piaval can meet any requirement of the market thanks to its well-established know-how in the medical field. Over the decades, its several Health and Care solutions have made our company a reliable partner for the furniture of state-run health facilities and private clinics all around the globe.

In particular, hygiene and easy sanitization procedures are now indispensable to protect people in every type of environment – hospitality, contract and medical facilities.

These are the criteria that constantly guide Piaval in choosing its coverings. An example of this is the addition of new high-performance and hi-tech materials that further enrich the wide range of coverings available for each Piaval model, for long-lasting and effective protection.

  • VINCENT Biocote, by Magicotex: it is a type of ecoleather treated with the innovative BioCote® technology. The antimicrobial additives applied to the fabric fibers guarantee the highest level of resistance to harmful bacteria (not less than 99.9%). Additionally, it can be sanitized with bleach and other "aggressive" detergents normally used in the medical field.
  • TERASKIN NAPPA, by Abitex: it is a type of ecoleather made of recyclable silicone. Pleasant to the touch and the eye, it is eco-friendly, safe for health and non-toxic: it is not treated with solvents, PVC, formaldehyde, plasticizers, heavy metals, allergens, BPA, allergens, antibacterial additives, biocides. Moreover, it can be easily sanitized, as it is resistant to detergents containing alcohol, aldehyde and oxygenating agents.


This reflects Piaval’s continued commitment and extensive research based on a practical design vision which—through innovation and sustainability—puts humans, their well-being and protection at the heart of each collection of its seats.