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Health and Care


Mamy 57/63/2RPN with wheels

Maximum comfort, ergonomics and functionality

Design: Laura Silvestrini

The armchair Mamy 57/63/2RPN, designed by arch. Laura Silvestrini reveals the particular attention that Piaval dedicates to the well-being of the patient.
The armchair combines design, comfortable support and functionality thanks to the padded backrest and a high thickness seat. Mamy 57/63/2RPN, certified by Ergocert (Italian ergonomics usability and research Institute), can be customized with many accessories, designed to ensure the well-being and safety of patients and to facilitate the activities of the workers. The armchair features shaped padding, molded headrest, ergonomic handgrip, brake wheels with locking device and a manual or electric mechanism to allow the chair backrest to recline 145 degrees and the leg rest to unfold.
Mamy 57/63/2RPN, as every Piaval model, can be customized in a range of high-performance coverings: washable, easy to clean and Sanitized guaranteed to ensure their breathability, freshness, comfort and prevention of bad smells. The wooden structure, available in beech or walnut wood, can be coated with antibacterial paints and undergo anti-stain treatment.