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Health and Care

Fandango Plus


the twice-certified bariatric armchair

Fandango Plus is a bariatric chair certified to guarantee comfort, stability and safety up to 350 kg.

Designed by Edi and Paolo Ciani, it provides maximum stability in every position, thanks to non-slip and anti-tip features, and accompanies movements of standing up and sitting down, thanks to the safe grip of the armrests.

The removable seat guarantee ease of cleaning for the worker. The structure is made of solid beech wood, the upholstery is Sanitized guaranteed.

Fandango Plus is accompanied by two important certifications.

CATAS certification attests its resistance and safety, through load tests and cycles to test its resistance to stress and wear.

ERGOCERT certification, on the other hand, attests the conformity to the highest ergonomic standards, placing Piaval among the first Italian companies whose models undergo strict

laboratory testing.