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TERRA (Earth).
Arts and crafts of the Friuli region.
A tale.

It is an honour to be included in the volume that describes the excellent craftsmanship of the splendid Friulian region; an exciting journey through the territory, narrated with great mastery by Walter Filiputti, and documented by the extraordinary images of Laura Tessaro.

Filiputti describes the story of Piaval from its origins to the present day, illustrating its evolution from a small artisan company to an internationally recognised brand, emphasising how continuous investment in technological research and collaboration with important designer have given rise to an advanced production process and an innovative and sustainable way of conceiving design.

It is Piaval's image that opens the chapter that the author dedicates to the Chair District; the picture portrays the drying department, which Laura Tessaro interprets as a "forest of chairs".  A photograph strongly evocative of a principle in which Piaval firmly believes: to use with care and respect what nature offers.

Terra is the latest volume (after those dedicated to the other elements: Fire, Water and Air) of an exclusive series launched and promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Pordenone and Udine - Friuli Future Forum and co-edited with Vinibuoni Biblioteca.

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