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Health and Care
Emirates Healthcare Company Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Emirates Hospitals&Clinics in Sharjah offers world-class healthcare services. The hospital has all the major specialties & sub-specialties that focus on integrated patient care. The hospital delivers the finest levels of healthcare to satisfy every patient.


Thanks to its functionality, the Mamy collection was selected to furnish a comfortable and modern environment. In the waiting areas the Mamy armchair ensures a pleasant comfort, while in the bedrooms the Mamy 57/63/2RPN with wheels, combines design, comfortable support and functionality thanks to the padded backrest and a high thickness seat. The armrests, with wooden, ergonomic profile, have a comfortable grip that makes it easier for the patients to sit and stand up. The Mamy chair as well furnishes the bedrooms with its unique and functional design: the backrest is equipped with a comfortable handle that makes it easy to move the chair.